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Pyramid Prophesy is a belief system that measurements of the Ancient Egyptian Great Pyramid of Gizeh (also Giza) can predict future events.

The Symbolic Prophecy of the Great Pyramid

The world's greatest mystery and first wonder is the Great Pyramid. It stands as a monument to the learning and achievements of the ancients. For centuries its secrets were closeted in stone—now they stand revealed. Within the pages of this enlightening book are the answers to many enthralling questions—the history, vast wisdom, and prophecies of the Great Pyramid. You will be amazed at the Pyramid's scientific construction and at the tremendous knowledge of its mysterious builders. Who built the Great Pyramid? Why were its builders inspired to reveal to posterity the events of the future? What is the path that the Great Pyramid indicates lies before mankind? – Harvey Spencer Lewis[1] (1883–1939)

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  1. Lewis was born in Frenchtown, New Jersey, to Aaron Rittenhouse Lewis and a German-born teacher, Katharina Hoffmann. He worked in advertising as an illustrator (the modern term commercial artist best describes his line of work), and he used that experience to promote AMORC, through print ads, booklets and magazine illustrations. Lewis first learned of the Rosicrucians through his interest in paranormal phenomena. His membership of a group investigating and exposing more than 50 fraudulent mediums led to the formation of the New York Institute for Psychical Research, of which he was elected president at the age of 20.