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Person of color (plural: people of color, persons of color; sometimes abbreviated POC) is a term for non-Whites, increasingly popular in association with increasing anti-White sentiments.

The earlier often used and etymologically similar term coloured/colored is stated to in the United States to gradually have become restricted to Blacks and to gradually have become viewed as pejorative.

The acronym BIPOC, referring to "black, indigenous, (and) people of color", is a related term in the United States, but presumably not in Europe. It is apparently meant to indicate that Blacks and "indigenous" (Amerindians) have, or should have, superior status regarding Oppression Olympics positions than other "people of color" in the United States.

Also the term "people of color" has been criticized for implying "a false unity" that "obscure[s] the needs of Latinos and Asians", possibly again indicating that Blacks are considered to have the highest status and given most attention and privileges by the woke.

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