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Grand Cross

The Spanish-Moroccan Order of Mehdauia (Orden de la Mehdauia / Wissam al-Mehdawi) was established in the Spanish protectorate in Morocco[1] (Zona de Protectorado de España en Marruecos) by Prince Moulay Hassan bin al-Mahdi or Muley el Hassán ben el Mehdi (1912–1984) on 18 August 1926. It was conferred upon national and foreign citizens in recognition of distinguished and notorious services that supported the Spanish interests in Morocco. In 1945, the Order was extend to award women with reduced size awards. The Order became obsolete just after Morocco Independence from Spanish rule on 7 April 1956.


Rear Admiral Kurt Böhmer with the breast star as commander
Grand Officer


  • Grand Cross / Grand Cordon with order (badge) on shoulder ribbon (sash) and breat star (Sumú-u)
    • with decree of 10 May 1937 a special class of the Grand Cross was introduced as a Grand Collar (Kil-lada bzw. Qilada) for heads of state. Only three recipients are known: The caliph himself, Francisco Franco (April 1938) and the president of Portugal Antonio Oscar de Fragoso Carmona (June 1938).
  • Grand Officer (Fajama)
    • golden breat star
  • Commander (Saada)
    • silver breat star
  • Officer (Litizás)
    • golden badge for the medal bar
  • Knight's Cross (Rifaat)
    • silver badge for the medal bar
  • Bronze Badge
    • primarily for civilians, also for non-commissioned officers (NCOs) and enlisted ranks


With vizier decree of 6 August 1945 the order could also be bestowed upon women, although significantly smaller than the men's order:[2]

  • Grand Cross / Grand Cordon (Gran Cruz para damas)
    • small ribbon (5 cm wide) with bow and miniature badge
  • Grand Officer (Banda para damas)
    • small ribbon with golden border and a golden pin
  • Commander (Cordón para damas)
    • small ribbon from green and white silk with silver border
  • Officer (Lazo para damas)
    • bow with golden fringes

Award numbers

Between 1926 and 1956 10,378 Mehdauia Orders were awarded, the most bestowed upon subjects of the Kingdom of Spain. Other awrad numbers (albeit imprecise) are:


Occasional awards, especially after WW II, were bestowed upon French, British, Argentinians, Dominicans, Uruguayans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Syrians, Arabs, Lebanese, Egyptians, Filipinos, Norwegians, Japanese, Greeks, Dutch and US-Americans.



  1. The Spanish Zone: The Spanish protectorate in Morocco[a] was established on 27 November 1912 by a treaty between France and Spain that converted the Spanish sphere of influence in Morocco into a formal protectorate. The protectorate over northern Morocco extended from Larache (El-Araish) on the Atlantic to 30 miles (48 km) beyond Melilla (already a Spanish possession) on the Mediterranean.
  2. Orden de la Mehdauia (Antonio Prieto Barrio y colaboraciones)