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Odysee is an open-source video sharing website that is an interface to the LBRY peer-to-peer network, where the videos are hosted. Users are rewarded in the LBC cryptocurrency each time they view a video or one of their videos is viewed. Additionally, users may send LBC and fiat currency to other users, and may make revocable LBC deposits to channels and videos to boost their placement in the search results.

Due to the decentralized and non-hierarchical nature of the LBRY network, content uploaded to the network cannot be censored or removed so long as at least one node hosts the content. However, interfaces such as Odysee, which act as a middleman between the LBRY network and the viewer, may choose to only give their users access to a subset of the content available on LBRY. Thus far, Odysee has chosen to only censor pornography and illegal content.

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