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New European Conservative is a website that collects key articles by or about New Right, Identitarian, and other Conservative intellectuals, including especially Alain de Benoist, Tomislav Sunic, Dominique Venner, Guillaume Faye, Pierre Krebs, Alexander Dugin, Michael O'Meara, Paul Gottfried, and Julius Evola). It has a syncretic ideological approach and advocates Cultural Conservatism, Revolutionary Conservatism, New Rightism, Identitarianism, and Traditionalism in various forms. According to the website's description:

The purpose of the website New European Conservative is to present what we believe are the necessary texts and resources for a proper introduction to the thought of European Cultural Conservatism, Revolutionary Conservatism, Völkisch Traditionalism, the European New Right, and Identitarianism. This movement of European Conservatism now works towards the awakening and the regeneration of European peoples (for clarity, this includes both Western Europeans and Eastern Slavic peoples) and European-derived peoples (peoples of European descent living on other continents) in the face of the present challenges: the liberal and egalitarian ideological hegemony, the unrestricted influx of ethnic and racial foreigners, the disintegration of ethno-cultural identities, the cultural chaos and degradation, the loss of the sense of Tradition, desacralisation and the decline of spirituality, the decline or weakening of organic community (holism) and the rise of individualism in modern society, the social and economic problems caused by the domination of the capitalist system, and the crisis of democracy in modern polities. For all people, the texts on this website serve to provide solid and trustworthy intellectual foundations for opposition to the destructive ideologies of liberalism, universalism, “multiculturalism,” egalitarianism, and globalism. Our vision is founded on the following values and objectives: the idea of respect for ethno-cultural differences and the rights of the peoples (right to difference, right to territory, etc.); the idea of differentialism (in terms of gender, race, ethnos, culture) as opposed to chauvinism; the restoration of spirituality and the sense of the Sacred; the resurrection of Tradition and its reconciliation with what is positive in modern progress (Revolutionary Conservative socio-cultural order); the restoration of the proper cultural order and stability (inter-cultural dialogue reconciled with cultural particularism); the reaffirmation of social holism and the return of the organic community; the establishment of an economy in the service of the people; and the establishment of organic, participatory democratic systems (true democracy reconciled with traditional political and social values). We also support cooperation with similar movements among non-Europeans (all peoples of the world) to achieve a Multipolar, Identitarian world order. From "About this site"