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Native American in its historical meaning was a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant born in the United States of America. The Native American Party was White Anglo-Saxon Protestant nationalist organizations active from about 1845 to about 1860. In the 1960's leftists and then US government started using the term for American Indians.

The... first people to label themselves "Native Americans" were actually white Anglo-Saxon Protestants born in America instead of abroad. In the mid-19th century they formed the "Native American Movement," aimed at shipping blacks back to Africa, Irish back to Ireland, and Indians to reservations out west. The 1837 Greenfield Gazette & Mercury (vol. 7 no. 534) ..."Foreigners. . . are a dangerous sect - they have no interests coincident with ours. . . If we admit them to share the privileges of our citizen soldiers, we must, of course, admit them to the ballot box; and the mischiefs resulting from this cannot be magnified by any language, however strong. American citizens ought to control and govern American institutions. . . our institutions are of Native American birth and growth, and let them remain under Native American culture, or they will droop, and wither, and die." The writer is discussing the threat of Irish volunteers in the Boston Militia... the term "Native American" also distinguished English colonists from later white immigrants, and persisted into the 1970s among the Yankee aristocracy.[1]

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