Moisei Uritsky

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Moisei Solomonovich Uritsky

Moisei Solomonovich Uritsky (Russian: Моисе́й Соломо́нович Ури́цкий, January 14, 1873–August 30, 1918) was a communist Jew and mass murderer, noted for his part in the mass killings under Communist regimes as Chief of Cheka of Petrograd, after the October Revolution. In this position Uritsky coordinated systematic slaughter in Saint Petersburg, mostly members of the nobility, military officers and ranking Russian Orthodox Church clerics.

Born to a rich family of Jewish merchants in the Kiev Governorate, Uritsky attended the University of Kiev and studied law. He became involved in politics, as an early member of the clandestine Marxist subversive group, the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. He was involved in the Jewish Labour Bund and by 1903 had become a Menskevik. Uritsky switched to the Bolsheviks just before the Bolshevik coup d'etat of 1917 and was elected to the Central Committee.

Leonid Kanegisser, a Jewish military cadet, purportedly assassinated Uritsky on 17 August 1918 allegedly in retaliation for the execution of his friend and other officers. Following this event, there was assassination attempt on Lenin by the Jewish Fanya Kaplan on 28 August. These events were used as excuses to begin the Red Terror.