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Misha Defonseca (born in 1937 as Monique de Wael) is a writer and the author of a Holocaust account titled Misha: A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years (1997). It was originally alleged to be a true memoir and translated into 18 languages.

In 2008, the author as well as her lawyers admitted that the bestselling book was a hoax.[1] In 2014, a court ordered Defonseca to repay her publisher $22 million.[2]

Bradley R. Smith has written on the book that it is "a best-selling Holocaust book in which the author claimed to live with a pack of wolves in order to elude the Nazis turns out to be nothing but a pack of lies. Accepted by the gullible media and general public who have been taught to accept even the most absurd Holocaust tales as fact, Defonesca's book was translated in 18 languages and even has been made into a feature film in France, one of several countries that has outlawed objective revision of the Holocaust story."[3]

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