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Mietek Grocher is a Polish Jew (born 1926) who allegedly was a prisoner in many different Holocaust camps. He has later made numerous speeches to schoolchildren in Sweden about his alleged experiences.

According to an interview, Grocher once managed to sneak out of a gas chamber at Majdanek: “When I was in there I understood what was awaiting me and the others inside that space. Instinctively I started to move a little backwards, without really thinking that I would manage to escape. By chance I managed to do it. An officer started talking to another officer and moved away a few steps. During that moment I managed to sneak away and reunite with my parents in the camp.[1]

However, according to another article on Grocher the guard discovered Mietek sneaking out of the chamber and fired all six shots of his revolver at him, missing the escapee but hitting six other Majdanek prisoners.[1]

In 2001 the book Jag överlevede! ("I Survived") was published. The book allegedly describes Grocher's Holocaust experiences. However, there have been allegations that the book has plagiarized the fictional novel Mila 18 by Leon Uris. For example, invented persons appearing in the novel are allegedly described as real persons in Grocher's book.[2]

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