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The Quality Assurance Project

We are currently entering an expansive phase in Metapedia's development, with many new language sections to be launched in the near future. We also intend to launch a marketing campaign later this year.

Because of the language barriers, most new metapedia sections model their encyclopedias on the English Metapedia. It is therefore of utmost importance that the English Metapedia is up to par.

The main goals of The Quality Assurance Project are as follows:

  • Make sure that all articles dealing with controversial subjects are properly referenced. This is a very important credibility issue.
    • Status: Ongoing
  • Make sure that all articles adhere to the Metapedia Style Guide. This is currently not the case. The most common flaw is the failure to use a neutral, encyclopedic tone.
    • Status: Ongoing
  • Put a proper "Featured Article" system in place, as a system for continuous quality assurance and promotion of the very best articles.
  • Make sure that the category structure and templates are up to par.
    • Status: Templates done. Category structure currently undergoing review and improvements.
  • Improve the design, primarily of the Main Page and the different portals.
    • Status: Main page done. Community portal done. Portals currently undergoing renovation. New portals will be added.

We invite all administrators of English Metapedia to take part in the discussion of this project.