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Bureaucrats are Metapedia users with the technical ability to:

  • promote other users to administrator or bureaucrat status;
  • grant and revoke an account's bot status; and
  • rename user accounts.

They are bound by policy and consensus to grant administrator or bureaucrat access only when doing so reflects the wishes of the community, usually after a successful request at Metapedia:Requests for adminship. In like fashion, they are expected to exercise judgment in changing user names, and ensure that the bot policies are followed when granting bot status to a user. They are expected to be capable judges of consensus, and are expected to explain the reasoning for their actions on request and in a civil manner.

Bureaucrats do not have the ability to undo promotions (they cannot de-admin users) or grant further levels of access (they cannot promote to oversight or checkuser). These capabilities are held only by stewards, a small multilingual group that serves all Metapedia projects. Stewards are elected annually; for more information, see Requests for permissions.

Current Bureaucrats (inactive ones grayed, significantly active bolded)

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