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Meir David Kahane, (August 1, 1932November 5, 1990) also known by the pseudonyms Michael King and David Sinai, was a militant American-Israeli Orthodox rabbi and a member of the Israeli Knesset.[1]

Kahane was known in the United States and Israel for his extremist political views exemplified in his promotion of the territorial expansion of Israel. He founded two terrorist movements: the Jewish Defense League (JDL) in the USA and Kach, an Israeli political party. In 1984, Kach gained one seat in the Knesset and Rabbi Meir Kahane became a member. In 1986, Kach was declared a racist party by the Israeli government and banned from the Knesset, and, in 1994, following the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre by Baruch Goldstein the movement was outlawed completely. Kahane's Knesset career was ended by section 7a of Basic Law: The Knesset (1958): "Prevention of Participation of Candidates List."

Kahane was assassinated in Manhattan in 1990, after concluding a speech calling on American Jews to emigrate to Israel, in a New York City hotel.[2]



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