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Max Ferdinand Scheler (22 August 1874 – 19 May 1928) was a German-Jewish philosopher.

Scheler was born to a Lutheran father and an Orthodox Jewish mother. As an adolescent, he turned to Catholicism, but became increasingly non-committal around 1921. He was influenced by the Jewish Edmund Husserl's phenomenology.

Leftist Wikipedia alleges that "Scheler was the only scholar of rank of the then German intelligentsia who gave warning in public speeches delivered as early as 1927 of the dangers of the growing National Socialist movement and Marxism", ignoring, for example, various members of the Conservative Revolutionary movement.

Despite later becoming non-committal, Scheler may be classified as a "Catholic philosopher", as is the case in Wikipedia, and be stated to be influential on modern Catholicism. Edith Stein was one of his students. Another influenced by Scheeler was Pope John Paul II.

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