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Leon Wells was an alleged Sonderkommando 1005 member.

He testified at the Eichmann trial.

A revisionist critique of his account states that "Dr. Wells says he worked in the "Death Brigade", the Sonderkommando 1005, at the Janowska camp in Poland. The job of the Death Brigade was to dig up bodies of people murdered by the Nazis and erase all traces of the evidence. They piled the bodies in heaps like a pyramid, sometimes up to 2,000 bodies. The Nazi in charge of the Death Brigade would lead the jews to work in the morning dressed in a devil's costume, with a hook on his hand. He would force Jews to make up songs as they marched to work. He also had an orchestra made up of Jewish prisoners march alongside the Jews, and accompany them as they sang their songs. After burning the bodies, they put the bones into a bone-grinding machine, and then the "Ash Commander" would have them toss the ashes into the air to make the ashes disappear. While at work, they ate lunch on top of the corpses. Leon died Dec 19, 2009 at the age of 84. He was the only member of his whole family of 76 people, including all cousins, uncles, his parents and six siblings to survive the Holocaust. A personal friend of Elie Wiesel, his fairytales are "universally considered classics of Holocaust literature."[1]

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