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Léon de Poncins (3 November 1897 – 18 December 1975) was a French aristocrat and a traditional Catholic journalist and essayist. He authored many books and articles on Jewish influence, Communism, and Freemasonry.

The de Poncins, are an ancient family, notable in the reign of King Louis XV who awarded them numerous positions and enoblements. The first Marquis and Vicomte, Jean Hector de Montaigne, Chevalier and Seigneur de Poncins, etc., was murdered by French Revolutionaries on October 4, 1793, aged 55.[1] The family seat was the Chateau de Palais, par Fleurs, in the Loire district of France, which today is open to the public. Léon de Poncin's father died in 1946 when he succeeded him.[2] Severely ill in 1975, he died the following year.

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