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Justin Welby (6 January 1956) worked in the oil industry before becoming a priest and later Archbishop of Canterbury. He has supported various forms of political correctness.

Welby has been stated to be half-Jewish. The Times of Israel in an article titled "'Jewish’ archbishop of Canterbury heads to Israel" wrote that "he appears to have long had an affinity for, and interest in, Jewish issues and in Israel" and "the father-of-five can always retire to Israel – where, as a descendent of a Jewish father and grandfather, he is entitled to citizenship under the Law of Return. For an Archbishop of Canterbury, this is surely a first."[1][2]

However, 2016 DNA testing has been stated to support a different father.[3]

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Diversity is a gift, not a threat, it is a hope, not a danger. The kind of country I want to live in has as one of its best examples what goes on in this area. I don't want to live in something that is monocultural.
—Justin Welby.[4]


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