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Judaization or Judaification may refer to a process of assimilation in which a person or a demographic group acquires Jewish cultural and religious beliefs and values, notably Judaism.

However, the term may also be used in contexts such as "Judaization of Jerusalem" and to Judaization of other areas of Israel, often criticized as a forced change of demographics, sometimes compared with Lebensraum.

A related term is "Haredization", in which areas and other aspects, such as in Israel, become demographically and politically dominated by Haredi Judaism, often criticized by other Jews.

The term Judaizers and related terms instead often refer to advocating practices from Judaism for Christians. In particular, it has been applied to early "Jewish Christians", who argued that Gentile converts to Christianity must adopt practices from Judaism, such as circumcision and the observance of the Law of Moses.[1][2]

However, the term Judaize may more broadly mean "to adopt the customs, beliefs, or character of a Jew" or "to make Jewish".[3]

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