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Dr. Jim Saleam (born 18 September 1955 in Queensland) is a leading Australian nationalist activist and philosopher whose activities have spanned four decades. Saleam attended universities in Brisbane and Sydney and in 2001 was awarded a Doctorate in Politics.

Having started his political interest with eclectic connections, including even Leftist ones, Saleam’s activism was thereafter devoted to Australian nationalism, his first such group being the Radical Nationalists, which he formed at the University of Queensland in 1974, subsequently, he helped to form with other students, National Resistance in the 1970s; National Alliance and the political party National Action in the 1980s, with Saleam as chairman, which brought him to national attention.

Saleam is now a director of the Australia First Party, founded in 1996 by Graeme Campbell, an ex-Australian Labor Party Member of Parliament. Saleam is also a co-organiser of the annual Sydney Forum, which provides a platform for patriotic speakers from a variety of backgrounds.


The paternal grandfather of Saleam was George Saleam, who arrived at Maryborough, Queensland with his brother Davis Saleam in 1901. The family were members of the Greek Orthodox minority in Ras Baalbek, what is today Lebanon. They considered their nationality to be Syrian. The area was controlled by the Ottoman Empire at the time. The question of ethnicity is sometimes used by his opponents in Australian nationalism (as well as anti-Australian cultural Marxists) to try and discredit him. However, this is a complex issue. Many of the Orthodox in the Levant have ethnic Greek ancestry from Byzantine times and for instance, figures such as Antun Saadeh who founded the SSNP prefered a Syrian identity to Arab. Saleam's mother is of European heritage, specifically, English.

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