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Info-14 was a Swedish nationalist organization. The name is from the "Fourteen Words" of David Lane. It's main activity was to publish news and commentaries. The editor Robert Vesterlund was sentenced to eighteen months in prison for stated "hate speech", incitement, and threats in early articles. The organization became inactive in 2011.


Info-14 started in 1995 as a periodical for the Young National Socialists of Stockholm (Swedish: Stockholms Unga Nationalsocialister, SUNS). When SUNS merged into the newly founded organization National Alliance (Swedish: Nationella Alliansen, NA) in 1996 the periodical went along. In 1997 the NA was put to rest and since then Info-14 was an independent news agency.

The publication of the periodical ceased in 2000, afterwards Internet was used as their primary news medium. Tied to the Info-14 network were branches such as the "Yellow Cross" (Swedish: Gula Korset), a foundation that helps nationalist prisoners. Hammarslag was their nationalist web shop with literature, music and clothing. Info-14 was also behind the "Salem foundation" which arranged the yearly "Salem manifestation" in memory of the murdered Swede Daniel Wretström.