Holger Apfel

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Holger Apfel

Holger Apfel (b. 29 December 1970 in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony) is a German publishing clerk as well as former publishing director and politician. He was the leader of the patriotic National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD). On 19 December 2013, he resigned with immediate effect (other sources claim 24 December 2013) from his leadership positions at both the national and the state level, before leaving the party entirely five days later. He resigned from the Saxon Parliament on 17 January 2014.



He served as a member of the Saxon Parliament in Germany from 2004 until January 2014. He was chairman of the NPD parliamentary group and a member of the presidium of the Saxon Parliament.

Leaving politics

In Decemebr 2013 Apfel stepped down as NPD-leader and left politics altogether due to health reasons (occupational burnout). He lived in Spain (Mallorca), where he opened a restaurant for tourists. In his book Irrtum NPD (2017) he defines his time as a member and leader of the NPD as a "fallacy".

Personal life

He was married to Jasmin, née Langer (born 1983), the former secretary general (Geschäftsführerin) of the NPD women's organisation, Ring Nationaler Frauen (de). They have four children, separated during the summer of 2012, came back together in September 2013, but finally separated permanently in November 2014.



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