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Global warming refers to the argued human caused rise in the average temperature of the Earth's climate system and related effects.

There have been various skeptics and critics who may make different arguments and who may criticize many different aspects. One example is not rejecting global warming but arguing that predictions of future warming and effects are overstated and incorrectly alarmist. Another example is by arguing that the effect of fossil fuels on global warming is overstated with there also being other important causes. Yet another example is criticizing different proposed counter-measures and their costs and effects. However, in politically correct descriptions of these criticisms, there is a tendency to only mention the most extreme criticisms, in effect using these in order to cause guilt by association against all not politically correct views.

A particularly controversial aspect is what measures should be implemented against global warming. The most politically correct position is to use global warming in order to advocate for increased globalism, such as by international treaties limiting and punishing fossil fuel use and by giving increased power to international organizations in order to enforce these treaties.

Such measures have been criticized for a variety of causes, such as being politically/economically motivated (such as by globalists or by those economically benefiting from the proposals), being unfair to and biased against Western countries, being enormously expensive, and having little effect on global warming. A better alternative has been argued to be to increase research and development on alternative fuel sources (including on less politically correct fuel sources such as nuclear power) in order to make these better and less expensive than fossil fuels. See the "External links" section.

A less often mentioned aspect is that global warming may have some positive aspects, such as increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide content increasing plant growth and thus food production, and being beneficial for cold regions.

Politically correct support for global warming has been seen as often being virtue signalling.

Other proposed causes for the popularity is as providing a replacement or concealed ideology for (far) leftists (especially after the fall of communism made some far left ideologies less popular) and possibly for certain forms of religion, providing an apocalyptic vision of the future with global warming environmentalists involved in a battle between good (global warming environmentalists) and evil (capitalism and Western civilization more generally), necessarily meaning implementing a future utopian (far) leftist society with globalist, socialist, anti-Western, anti-industrial, and noble savage characteristics.[1]

Global warming and counter-measures have received enormous attention in comparison to less politically correct problems such as future African overpopulation (see White demographics), endocrine disruptors, and dysgenics.

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