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Gene Klein (born Chaim Witz on 25 August 25 1949), known professionally as Gene Simmons is Jewish musician, involved in the rock band Kiss. He was born in Israel and later moved to the United States.

Commenting on musical piracy in 2014, he also controversially stated that "My perspective is decidedly different than perhaps the perspective of somebody who was born here. If you're a native-born American, my contention is that you take a lot of things for granted. All the freedoms and opportunities you have here are expected, and you feel entitled. I think this has taken over the American psyche. I find that many of the more patriotic people are immigrants, and they're the ones who stand still when the flag goes up, out of gratitude. My sense is that file-sharing started in predominantly white, middle- and upper-middle-class young people who were native-born, who felt they were entitled to have something for free, because that's what they were used to."[1]

Leftist Wikipedia states nothing on this in its list of controversies in its "Gene Simmons" article.


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