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Felix Kersten (1898 - 1960) was a Berlin masseur and an alleged US spy. Kersten's customers included Heinrich Himmler. Kersten's alleged memoirs are sometimes cited as support for politically correct history.


David Irving, writing on various forgeries, has written:

"The oft-quoted diaries of Himmler's and Ribbentrop's Berlin masseur Felix Kersten are equally fictitious-as for example the "twenty-six-page medical dossier on Hitler" described in chapter XXIII (pp. 165-171 of the English edition) shows when compared with the genuine diaries of Hitler's doctor, Theo Morell, which I found and published in 1983. The genuine Kersten diaries which Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper saw in Sweden were never published, perhaps because of the political dynamite they contained on Sweden's elite, including publisher Albert Bonnier, alleged to have offered Himmler the addresses of every Jew in Sweden in return for concessions in the event of a Nazi invasion."[1][2]


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