Eva Helgetun

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Eva Helgetun

Eva Helgetun (1996 - 2011) was a 14-year old Norwegian girl who committed suicide one month after being raped by three African immigrants on 1 May 2011.[1][2][3]

Assault, rape and suicide

On the night of 1 May 2011, Eva Helgetun is at Trondheim International school in Festningsgata, looking for her friends. She is approached by a young man of foreign origin. To her mother she has explained that the man would hold her and kiss her. She still chooses to believe the man when he tells her that he wants to help her find her friends. They walk past the school, where the assault, according to Helgetun's explanation, shall have started.

Two other young men are now approaching. Helgetun first thinks they are coming to help, but instead they help the assailant keep her down. She tries to call for help.

Two of the men manage to rape her, before she escapes from the third. Then she runs in the direction of Nonnegata, where she meets a couple who understand what has happened and help her.

She reported the same night to the rape reception centre at St. Olav's hospital. The next day she was at the police station in Trondheim. Her assistance lawyer describes her as "cooperative, with a strong desire to explain herself so that the perpetrators were caught and could not do the same to others". She describes the perpetrators as teenage boys aged 16-17 of foreign origin.

Despite what she has experienced, she has confirmation only two weeks later. Then come the reactions, with sleep problems and great absence from school. Despite follow-up from a psychologist and a lot of support from her many friends, she takes her own life on 28 May.

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