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Ethnomasochism is the act of taking pleasure in contemplating the humiliation, subordination, or annihilation of one’s own ethnicity or race.[1]

The modern style of ethnomasochism has been argued to almost exclusively be a White phenomenon.[1] It may be related to phenomena such as White guilt, pathological altruism, and political correctness.

The concept of "noble savages" (who are typically claimed to be superior in important aspects to the own civilized people) has sometimes been seen as an early form of ethnomasochism.[1]

One form of ethnomasochism is taking pleasure from the mass immigration into the own country, because the own people is not "good enough".

In 2011, conservative commentator Pat Buchanan used the term to describe Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham. John Derbyshire has written that "We read about Ann in her son’s autobiography (p. 47) refusing to accompany her Indonesian husband to dinner parties with visiting American businessmen. These were her own people, Ann’s husband would remind her; at which, the son tells us, “my mother’s voice would rise to almost a shout. They are not my people.”"[2][1]

Political activists such as the Jewish Susan Sontag ("The White race is the cancer of humanity") have sometimes been described as "White" ethnomasochists.[1]

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