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Eduard Strauch (1906 – 1955) was an SS officer who was commander of Einsatzkommando 2 (part of Einsatzgruppe A) and later commander of the Security Police (German: Sicherheitspolizei, or Sipo), and the Security Service (German: Sicherheitsdienst, or SD), first in Belarus – then called White Russia or White Ruthenia – and later in Belgium. In October 1944, he was transferred to the military branch of the SS (Waffen-SS).

He was sentenced to death at the Einsatzgruppen trial in 1948 However, he was handed over to authorities in Belgium, for trial involving other argued crimes. He was again convicted and sentenced to death, but this sentence likewise was never carried out. Strauch died in Belgian custody in 1955.

Strauch is alleged to have written or otherwise have been associated with certain documents which are sometimes cited as evidence for the politically correct view on the Holocaust. See the "External links" section regarding Holocaust revisionist criticisms of this.

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