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The Poisonous Mushroom (originally in German known as Der Giftpilz) is an anti-Semitic children's book by Ernst Hiemer and Philipp Rupprecht, published by Julius Streicher in National Socialist Germany in 1938.


The revisionist Carlos Porter has written on the case against Julius Streicher during the Nuremberg trials that "'Der Giftpilz', (The Poisonous Fungus) was written by one of Streicher's editors, inspired by a famous child molester case, that of the Jewish industrialist, Louis Schloss (XII 335 [364-365]). Schloss was later murdered in Dachau, which became another 'Nazi atrocity'. In the prosecution discussion of the Schloss murder, it is never mentioned that he was a sexual attacker of children; instead it was implied that Schloss was killed for being Jewish, and for no other reason (Document 664-PS, XXVI 174-187)."[1]

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