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Venice Conference of 1962.

Declaration of Venice was an agreement among several nationalist groups in March 1962 to form a National Party of Europe. Groups that participated in the declaration were Oswald Mosley's Union Movement, Giovanni Lanfe's Movimento Sociale Italiano, Adolf Von Thadden's Deutsche Reichspartei and Jean Thiariart's Jeune Europe (Belgium).

The declaration had ten objectives:

  • The creation of Europe a Nation through a common European government.
  • The creation of an elected European parliament.
  • The continuation of national parliaments with their authority limited to social and cultural matters.
  • Economics to be driven by the wage-price mechanism to ensure fair wages and economic growth.
  • The creation of an economic alternative to capitalism and communism.
  • More worker control and less bureaucracy in nationalized industries.
  • The withdrawal of American and Soviet forces from Europe.
  • An end to the role of the United Nations with the USA, USSR and Europe acting as three equals.
  • Decolonization with a move to set up single-ethnic governments in former colonies.
  • Europe to be defined as mainland territory outside of the USSR, the United Kingdom, overseas territiories and around one-third of Africa.

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