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Daniel Johan Goldhagen (born 1959) is a Jewish historian and Zionist.

Hitler's Willing Executioners

The controversial book Hitler's Willing Executioners claimed that even many ordinary Germans were aware of (and supported) a planned future Holocaust and/or an ongoing Holocaust. Also many non-Holocaust revisionists have criticized such claims.[1][2]

"At the Irving-Lipstadt libel trial it was conceded by Lipstadt’s team of anti-revisionist Holocaust experts that prior to 1941 there was no Nazi policy to exterminate Jewry. Justice Gray noted: “It is common ground between the parties [Irving and Lipstadt’s team of Holocaust experts] that, until the latter part of 1941, the solution to the Jewish question which Hitler preferred was their mass deportation.” The anti-revisionist experts at the Irving-Lipstadt libel trial further admitted: “…that in the 1930s Hitler should not be understood to have been speaking in a genocidal terms.”"[3]

See also the article on Holocaust awareness.

A Moral Reckoning

Another controversial book is A Moral Reckoning which argued for antisemitism throughout the history of the Catholic Church and this having contributed substantially to the persecution of the Jews during World War II.

See also The Catholic Church and the Holocaust.

Worse Than War

Still another controversial book is Worse Than War which advocated international interventions in order "democratize" countries in order to prevent potential genocides, notably interventions against Islamic countries that are enemies of Israel.

See also Democratic peace theory.

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