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Carleton Stevens Coon (23 June 1904 – 3 June 1981) was a American physical anthropologist and race realist best remembered for his scientific works on race. He fought a losing battle against the rise of Boasian anthropology and race denialism and is consequently often negatively misrepresented by the victors now dominating American anthropology.



  • Tribes of the Rif, 1931)
  • The Races of Europe (1939)
  • The Story of Man (1954)
  • Caravan: the Story of the Middle East (1958)
  • The Origin of Races (1962)
  • Races: A Study of the Problems of Race Formation in Man
  • The Hunting Peoples
  • Anthropology A to Z (1963)
  • Living Races of Man (1965)
  • Seven Caves: Archaeological Exploration in the Middle East
  • Mountains of Giants: A Racial and Cultural Study of the North Albanian Mountain Ghegs
  • Yengema Cave Report (his work in Sierra Leone)
  • Racial Adaptations (1982)

Fiction and Memoir:

  • Flesh of the Wild Ox (1932)
  • The Riffian (1933)
  • A North Africa Story: Story of an Anthropologist as OSS Agent (1980)
  • Measuring Ethiopia
  • Adventures and Discoveries: The Autobiography of Carleton S. Coon (1981)