Canadian Nazi Party (1960)

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The Canadian Nazi Party of 1960 was one of the first post-war attempts to form a National Socialist party in Canada. The party never existed but this did not stop the Canadian media from reporting on it.

On October 30, 1960, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ran an interview of George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party, and André Bellefeuille the ‘leader’ of the newly formed Canadian Nazi Party. In the interview Bellefeuille said he had 2,000 followers in five provinces and members meet once a month. None of Bellefeuille claims could be verified.

Bellefeuille was employed as a draughtsman with the Department of Transportation in Sorel, Quebec and was suspended from his job when it was revealed he was leader of the party. A few days later Bellefeuille dissolved his "party" and after an apology was reinstated with his employer. [1]

In 1965 another attempt to from a Canadian Nazi Party was made by John Beattie, this time with marginal success.

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