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CEDADE (from the initials of Círculo Español de Amigos de Europa or 'Spanish Circle of Friends of Europe') was a Spanish National Socialist group founded in Barcelona in 1966, with Léon Degrelle and Otto Skorzeny amongst its leading members. The organization was intended as a study group for German composer Richard Wagner.[1] It later became a publishing house for materials relating to National Socialism and the Second World War. Initially led by Ángel Ricote, the group looked towards Italian fascism for inspiration, but under Pedro Aparicio it moved toward a National Socialist position.

CEDADE became affiliated internationally with other nationalist groups in Europe and in 1969 hosted the tenth congress of Nouvel Ordre Européen (New European Order), where around sixty delegates attended from seven countries. Taking a European outlook, it set up groups in France, as well as in Latin America and registered as a political party in 1979 under the name of Partido Europeo Nacional Revolucionario (European National Revolutionary Party), although this initiative was not pursued. As a publishing house, however, CEDADE continued to grow and was soon publishing for a number of movements in Austria and Germany. Financial difficulties forced a major scaling down in activities around 1989-90 however, although the group did host an international centenary celebration of Hitler's birthday in 1989. The problems inherent in the movement did not go away however and they were officially dissolved in October 1993. Members drifted away into various movements, with only Project IES representing a serious attempt at refoundation. This group has since changed its name to National Democracy.



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