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Alois Brunner was an Austrian SS officer born in 1912. During World War II, Brunner was Adolf Eichmann's assistant. After the war ended, he escaped from an Allied prison, stayed within Germany until 1954, when he went to Egypt, later settling in Syria. Brunner has once been sentenced to death, in absentia, and in the 1980s lost several fingers and an eye when the Israeli Mossad mailed him a bomb. Brunner managed to escape any deportation to Europe. The Simon Wiesenthal Center in 2014 stated that Brunner died in 2010 in Syria.

Allegedly, Brunner confessed the deliberate killings of Jews in the Holocaust camps in a 1987 telephone interview. This has been criticized as a made-up story by a convicted fraudster, known for making many false claims, with Brunner himself rejecting the story. Holocaust revisionists have argued that Brunner instead stated in an interview that he had never heard of homicidal gas chambers during his period of service.[1]

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