Allen Ginsberg

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Allen Ginsberg

Irwin Allen Ginsberg (June 3, 1926 - April 5, 1997) was a Jewish poet and one of the leading figures of both the American "Beat Generation" of the 1950s and the 1960s counter-culture.

Today often mentioned aspects include support for or interest in homosexuality, Communism, pacifism, marijuana, and eastern religions. Less politically correct aspects include support for pedophilia. He was a member of NAMBLA (a pro-pedophile organization).


Paedophilia was a theme in Allen Ginsberg’s poetry, and he often spoke in defence of child molesters. He dedicated a poem to NAMBLA so vile that I’d probably get a visit from the police if I quoted it. Whether he was a paedophile himself is a matter of contention. He denied it but, then again, anyone with a healthy fear of prison probably would. In a little-known interview with The Harvard Crimson, titled “Politics, Pederasty and Consciousness”, Ginsberg said: “As I get older, having very specialised sexual tastes, it gets harder to make out… I like young boys. Why?… I’d have more chance at making out with younger guys if I were younger, dewier, dewy-limbed.”

Even in perversion, Ginsberg could be lyrical. Although his friendship with the feminist Andrea Dworkin ended after a rather more crude argument over the ethics of child porn. Dworkin described him as, “a paedophile… exceptionally aggressive about… his constant pursuit of under-age boys’’.[1]

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