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Irwin Allen Ginsberg (3 June 1926 - 5 April 1997) was a Jewish poet and one of the leading figures of both the American "Beat Generation" of the 1950s and the 1960s counter-culture.

Today often mentioned aspects include support for or interest in homosexuality, Communism, pacifism, marijuana, and eastern religions. Less politically correct aspects include support for pedophilia. He was a member of NAMBLA (a pro-pedophile organization).

In her 2001 book, Heartbreak, Andrea Dworkin stated:

On the day of the bar mitzvah in 1982, newspapers reported in huge headlines that the Supreme Court had ruled child pornography illegal. I was thrilled. I knew Allen would not be. I did think he was a civil libertarian. But, in fact, he was a pedophile. He did not belong to the North American Man/Boy Love Association out of some mad, abstract conviction that its voice had to be heard. He meant it. I take this from what Allen said directly to me, not from some inference I made. He was exceptionally aggressive about his right to fuck children and his constant pursuit of underage boys.

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