Adolf Hitler: An Appreciation

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Adolf Hitler: An Appreciation by Eustace Mullins

Eventually America must admit her debt to Adolf Hitler for it was Hitler who first called upon all Aryan people to unite and challenge Jewish economic and political power. It was Hitler who first enunciated the doctrine of national self-determination and led the armies of Christian Europe in a great crusade against the godless Jews of the Kremlin. Hitler, like Christ before him, was crucified on a Cross of Gold through the duplicity of his own Christian people.

America will never forget that the Jewish International bankers, together with Franklin D. Roosevelt, their tool, led us into World War II. Why? Because Hitler drove the economic leeches of the Rothschild and Warburg families out of Germany. The Jewish “refugees” poured into America and enlisted us as cannon fodder and errand boys in Europe.

Hitler warned America in 1945, that we would have to face the ultimate battle against the Jewish Frankenstein Monster of Communism alone. America had helped created the monster, now it would destroy her.

It is no longer a question of defending America’s independence. It is a question of defending the remainder of Western Civilization from the colored hordes of Asia and Africa led by Jewish Communism toward the ultimate goal of Jewish World Domination. The Jew plays for high stakes; world domination or the extermination of their race.

America is the last obstacle in the path of Jewish conquest. Either the Aryan or the Jew must yield in the world struggle. The goal of our National Renaissance movement becomes clearer.
Source: by Eustace Mullins first published in National Renaissance Bulletin (October 1952)