32 County Sovereignty Movement

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32 County Sovereignty Movement
32 County Sovereignty Movement.png
Political position Irish republicanism
Leader Francis Mackey (1997–present)
Country Ireland
Existence 1997–present
Headquarters Derry, Ireland
Newspaper Sovereign Nation
Affiliation Real Irish Republican Army
Colours green
Website 32csm.net

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement, also referred to as 32CSM, is a political movement in Ireland which states that it is the authentic representative of Irish republicanism. It originated within the Provisional IRA's political front party, the Provisional Sinn Féin, as a lobby group who were opposed to the Mitchell Principles of 1997 and in the following year the Good Friday Agreement, as the majority of the republicans in Ulster moved towards a peace process. The military wing of the 32CSM calls itself the Real Irish Republican Army (Real IRA). The movement was largely discredited by the Omagh bombing where twenty nine innocent people, including many women and children, died. Most people in Ireland strongly criticised this atrocity.


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