William Hugh Morris

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William Hugh Morris (born January 17, 1905, Douglas County, Georgia) was Imperial Wizard of the Federated Ku Klux Klan Inc. founded in the Summer of 1946. This group started in Alabama. By 1978 it had expanded to seven states.

In 1949 Morris spent sixty-seven days in jail for refusing to turn over Klan membership records to a grand jury which was investigating a series of floggings in the Birmingham area.

Morris first joined the Klan in his hometown of Douglasville, Georgia in 1924. In 1927 he moved to Birmingham, Alabama and continued his Klan activities.

Morris was instrumental in revising the Kloran, the Klan’s manual of ritual and initiation.

In 1956 Morris became an informant to Birmingham Police Commissioner Eugene "Bull" Connor. Morris told Connor that J. B. Stoner was behind the failed attempt to bomb Birmingham's synagogue Temple Beth-El in April 1956.

On February 14, 1966 Morris testified before the House of Representatives' Committee on Un-American Activities.[1]

Morris was employed as a home improvement and roofing contractor. He later relocated to Buchanan, Georgia.