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William Ernest Kullgren (May 20, 1885 - November 4, 1966) was a professional astrologer and publisher of nationalist literature. He was charged with sedition in 1943 but never stood trial. He was once associated with William Dudley Pelley's Silver Shirts.[1] Kullgren had kind things to say about Hitler, but did not believe he could win the war. Kullgren--as many others at the time--thought Roosevelt to be a Jew.

Kullgren was born in Plymouth, England and settled in Atascadero, California where he operated a fifty-room hotel called the Golden Way.

He published a magazine called The Beacon Light (1933-1960). He was also the editor of the newspaper America Speaks (ca. 1940-1950).

In addition to Kullgren being an astrologer, he promoted understanding the Great Pyramid as it related to Bible prophecy and the Anglo-Saxon British-Israel movement.[2]


  • The Story of Atascadero (1934) 2 pages
  • The Ballard Racket: A Menace to All Astrologers and Student (1938)
  • The Origin and Destiny of the Jews (1938) 32 pages
  • The Bible Speaks to America (1947)
  • Prepare for the Storm (1948) 108 pages
  • The Dead Speak (1948) 80 pages
  • The Food You Eat (1950) 100 pages
  • Vibrations of 1961 (1961) 84 pages


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