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The White League was an organization in Louisiana between 1874 and 1876, aiming to remove the Reconstruction Republican Party government, which succeeded in the 1876 election.

Politically correct sources associate it with various crimes, making no mention of the criticisms of Reconstruction policies.

One controversial event was the Battle of Liberty Place or the Battle of Canal Street, in 1874 in New Orleans. A less politically correct view is that it involved opposition to a corrupt Reconstruction government that had disenfranchised Whites and not White supremacy. In 1882, the New Orleans City Council passed an ordinance designating a portion of the Canal Street as “Liberty Place” and authorized the erection of a monument “in honor of those who fell in defense of liberty and home rule in that heroic struggle of the 14th of September, 1874.” Only in 1932 did the city add an inscription that expressed a White supremacist view.[1]

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