Volen Siderov

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Volen Siderov

Assumed office 
17 April 2005

Born 19 April 1956 (1956-04-19) (age 64)
Yambol, Bulgaria
Nationality Bulgarian
Political party Attack
Spouse(s) Kapka Siderova (Separated)
Children None
Profession Author
Religion Orthodox Christian

Volen Siderov (Bulgarian: Волен Сидеров; born April 19 1956) is a controversial Bulgarian politician and chairman of the political party Attack. He is most famous for his hard lines against the pro-Turkish unconstitutional political party - Movement for Rights and Freedoms.

Early life

Siderov was born in 1956 in Yambol, Bulgaria. He received an undergraduate degree in Applied Photography in Sofia, and before the fall of Communism in 1989, worked at the National Literature Museum as a photographer. His brother, Dr. Plamen Siderov, is a mathematician and lectures at Sofia University.

After the fall of Communism, Siderov became a member of the newly established Movement for Human Rights. During the fall of 1990, he became the editor-in-chief of Democracy (Bulgarian: Демокрация), the official newspaper of the Union of Democratic Forces (Siderov played a major role in establishing the paper as the official publication of the right-wing party).

At one point he was appointed deputy editor-in-chief of Monitor, a newspaper of a political orientation that could be described as nationalist and conservative. In 2000, Siderov was presented with the award of the Union of the Bulgarian Journalists. Later, he came to be the host of Attack, a talk show on the Bulgarian cable TV channel "SKAT".

Presidential election 2006

Siderov ran for President in the 2006 presidential election. In the first round on 22 October he received 21% of the vote and qualified for the runoff on 29 October against incumbent Georgi Parvanov, who had 65%. Parvanov was not declared the winner after the first round because, in accordance with Bulgarian electoral law, at least 50% of all registered voters had to take part in the first round for that.

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