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Victor John Ostrovsky (born 28 November 1949) is an author and a former katsa (case officer) for the Israeli Mossad. He authored two nonfiction books about his service with the Mossad: By Way of Deception, a #1 New York Times bestseller in 1990, and The Other Side of Deception (1994), containing, according to Wikipedia, allegations such as prior knowledge of the suicide bombing of the United States Marine compound in Beirut without telling the United States of the specifics, various assassinations, heroin trafficking for funding, support to Hamas against the PLO and to Iran against Iraq, the assassination a PLO diplomat sent to start peace negotiations with the Israeli government, that the Mossad and/or Israel was involved in the destruction of several civilian airplanes with many passengers, and that a Mossad faction assassinated Mossad's own head Yekutiel Adam.

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