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Verne Marshall (August 30, 1889 - March 26, 1965) was the editor of the Cedar Rapids Gazette (Iowa) where he won a Pulitzer Prize and later was the head of the isolationist No Foreign War Committee.


Verne Marshall was born in 1889 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Harry Lincoln Marshall and Emily Kirkland Marshall. In 1908 his first newspaper job was with the Cedar Rapids Republican. From 1911 to 1912 he attended Coe College in Cedar Rapids. After college he became a reporter for the Minneapolis Tribune and the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

During World War I Marshall went to France in February 1916 and served as an ambulance driver on the Verdun front. He returned to the United States later that year and enlisted in the United States Army where he served as a War Bond drive speaker on the home front during the war.

On April 21, 1919 he married Frances Durand Fiske; she later died in 1928.

From 1919 to 1941 he worked at the Cedar Rapids Gazette becoming the editor of the paper in 1932 following the death of his father. In 1936 he recieved the Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting.

On May 21, 1932 he married Clementine Robichaux.


In 1940 Verne Marshall became politically active and nominated Col. Hanford MacNider for the presidency of the United States at the Republican national convention.

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