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Tanstaafl is a Metapedia user.

Contributions of Tanstaafl

Who I Am

I am the pro-White blogger who writes at Age of Treason (previously at I partnered with Carolyn Yeager to create the White network (which was at until 16 April 2014, when Carolyn redirected the DNS elsewhere and shut down the original server). I have since partially restored the site at

Why I'm Here

I have used Metapedia as a resource and have recommended it to others, especially for race-related topics. For example, in My Mistake (which explained why I was ending my partnership with CY) I pointed out that Metapedia was better than Wikipedia for information about White nationalism and its connection to the Fourteen Words.

In a podcast on 12 May 2014, The Heretics' Hour: German Reich, May 1945, Carolyn Yeager stated, starting at 14:00, that she had registered an account here and was editing The White Network page, apparently as Eliza. More disturbing, at 21:12 CY stated:

So I dont know if that will stay there, but I'm gonna keep working on this, and I actually think the whole page should come down, because the White network doesn't exist anymore, and so why have a page at Metapedia about it, with all this old junk on it, you know uh people's uh people's uh desire to uh promote one side of something and tear down the other side.

I would like to see this page and other records of my site - what it was and what became of it - preserved. In short, I am here to expose and oppose CY/Eliza's intent to "promote one side of something and tear down the other side".

The first thing I will do to make the The White Network page more informative is add a link to the archive, because it contains all the non-CY content which is not available anywhere else, and because it embodies and/or links the most complete record of both sides of the disagreement which ended tWn.