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The Walrus is a left wing Canadian general interest magazine launched in 2003. It publishes "long-form journalism", longer articles often written in a personal "narrative" story form. It is claimed to have become Canada's leading general interest magazine.

The Walrus Foundation running it has acquired charitable foundation, despite it and the magazine being involved in supporting leftist politics.

The "walrus" name was at first a working title, but quickly grew on the staff of the magazine. According to their website, the rationale behind it was "to dissociate this country with the 'log chomping' and 'earnestness' of our national animal (and cliché), the beaver"; the walrus, just as much a Canadian native, is "curmudgeonly but clever, bulky but agile (if only in water)." Most importantly, "No one ignores a walrus."

In March 2014, The Walrus was required to shut down its unpaid internship programme after the Ontario Ministry of Labour declared that its longstanding practice of not paying interns was in contravention of the Employment Standards Act. In October 2015, a report in Canadaland provided details of a toxic and disorganized environment at the magazine.

In 2017, the editor-in-chief resigned in association with a political correct controversy regarding "cultural appropriation".

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