The Victories of Revisionism

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The Victories of Revisionism was a 2006 speech given by Professor Robert Faurisson at the 2006 International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust.

Faurisson wrote a continuation in 2011.

Criminal prosecution due to speech

"Professor Faurisson recently appeared in court in Paris for having participated at the Tehran Holocaust conference. Then French President Jacques Chirac, upon hearing that the gathering was taking place, made an unprecedented request to the justice system to prosecute the négationniste Faurisson. The case finally came up on June 25, 2015, only to be adjourned to June of next year. The presiding (and anonymous) female judge had recently broken with established practice by silencing Faurission during a hearing held the previous week, also to try him under the anti-revisionism law, this time for a 93-minute online video (please see see the English-subtitled version at She refused outright to let him explain why he'd said what he'd said in the recording: "I'm not interested in négationnisme." This constitutes another new twist in state repression of thought, for in his past trials he had always been allowed to offer an in-depth justification of his writings and public declarations. What follows is the paper that he presented in Tehran on December 11, 2006.— Ed."[1]

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