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The Third Wave was a supposed fascist (broad sense) movement and experiment created by the California high school history teacher Ron Jones in 1967.

Jones supposedly found it difficult to explain to his students why the German population accepted the actions of National Socialist Germany, in particular, how the German population could claim not to have been aware of the Holocaust. He supposedly decided to demonstrate it to them instead and started a movement called "The Third Wave" and told his students that the movement aimed to eliminate democracy. The event supposedly occurred during a five-day period, ending when the students were told that they had been part of an experiment.

The event was not well documented at the time. Jones himself wrote a detailed account some nine years afterward and more articles followed, including some interviews with Jones and some students.

Afterwards, there have been various politically correct mass media documentaries and dramatizations, including books, films, and musicals. In particular, the 1981 novel The Wave by Todd Strasser (with unclear ancestry, described as "a native of New York City") has been translated into more than a dozen languages and is read in many schools around the world.

In Germany, Strasser has instead used the pen name "Morton Rhue", which has become "practically a household name in Germany". "When giving background about The Wave, he writes, "To me, one of the most rewarding aspects of The Wave is knowing that it is required reading not only in your class, but in most of Germany as well.""[1]

There are various criticisms regarding the politically correct version as discussed in the external links.

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