The Doughboy Blues

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The Doughboy Blues is a 31 stanza marching song written in 1940 for the next American Expeditionary Force if and when American troops were sent to France to fight Germany. The song first appeared in Liberation (Sept 14, 1939),[1] one of the publications issue by William Dudley Pelley which was attributed--perhaps falsely--to him. The complete song was saved in the American Jewish Committee archives and can be found here at the end of this file: [1]

(first stanza)

O haven't you heard the news?

We're at war to save the Jews:

For a hundred years they pressed our pants,

Now we must die for them in France!

Now we sing these Doughboy Blues -


  1. Perilous Times: Free Speech in Wartime from the Sedition Act of 1798 to the War on Terrorism, by Geoffrey R. Stone, page 620

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