The Black Science: Ancient and Modern Techniques of Ninja Mind Manipulation

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The Black Science: Ancient and Modern Techniques of Ninja Mind Manipulation
Cover of the 2001 Edition
Author(s) Dr. Haha Lung, Christopher B. Prowant
Country United States of America
Language English
Genre(s) Psychology
Publisher Paladin Press
Publication year 2001
Pages 181
ISBN 978-1581602623

Cover Text

The fighting skills of the shadow warrior - the ninja - made them feared throughout Japan. But the wise man had greater fear for their bloodless methods of domination, which the ninja mind masters preferred to crude physical violence.

Ninja overwhelmed their enemies' mental defenses either by attacking directly or entering by stealth, comparing such maneuvers to invading an enemy fortress. They refined their techniques over hundreds of years, developing esoteric ways to undermine a foe through the exploitation of his psychological weaknesses - his fears and insecurities, his superstitions, hopes, and beliefs.

In this guided tour through the mysterious realm of the ninja mind masters, martial arts experts Dr. Haha Lung and Christopher B. Prowant reveal the secrets that will allow you to:

  • Tell when someone is lying to you
  • Tailor your attack by using the specific keys to each individual's mind
  • Implant false memories
  • Use verbal patterns and body language to earn foe's utter trust
  • Hypnotize your prey
  • Interrogate using unbeatable psychological methods

You will also learn the terrifying truth behind modern mind-control, propaganda, and brainwashing techniques used by cults (and yoour own government), and take a look ahead to the futureo of mass mind control.

The wars of tomorrow may well be won or lost on the battlefield of the mind. This book could mean the difference between winning your freedom and losing everything.

About the Authors

From the book: Christopher B. Prowant is a noted researcher, author, and martial artist. He holds a black belt in zendokan-ryu and taijutsu and a teaching degreen in wan tsu hu chuan (tiger-style kung-fu).

Dr. Haha Lung is a the author of more than a dosen books on martial arts and the mysterious cults of the East, including The Ancient Art of Strangulation, Assassin!, Knights of Darkness, and Shadohand, all published by Paladin Press.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Chapter 1: Masters of the Game 5

  • The Asian Mind
  • The Ninja Mind
  • The Nine Training Halls
  • Storming the Mind-Gate
  • Satsujin-Jutsu (Gaining Insight)
  • Kiai-Shin Jutsu (Shout Into the Mind)

Chapter 2: Understanding the Mind 17

  • How the Brain Sees
  • The Power of Visualization
  • The Power of Believing
  • Mastering the Mind (Haragagei)
  • Seishinshugi: Mind over Matter

Chapter 3: Mastering Others 29

  • Mind Control by the Numbers
  • The Two Ways
  • The Five Weaknesses
  • Gogo-Goyoku
  • Modern Application of Gogo-Goyoku
  • The Eight Relationships
  • The Pakua (Eight Trigrams)
  • Six Degrees of Separation
  • Cutting at the Edges
  • The Nine Roles
  • The 12 Beasts
  • Chinese Astrology
  • Killer Astrology (Junishi-Do-Jutsu)
  • The Weaknesses of the Beasts
  • Conclusion to Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Secrets of the Sennin 59

  • Half-Empty or Half-Full?
  • Undermining Self-Concept and Identity
  • Self Concept
  • The Quest for Identity
  • The Ten Minds
  • Shadow Language
  • Betrayed by the Body
  • Betrayed by a Whisper
  • Mirroring

Chapter 5: The Black Science 75

  • The Uses of Superstition
  • Kyonin-No-Jutsu
  • Digging Up Dark Secrets
  • The One-Eyed Snake
  • Hypnotism
  • What is Hypnotism
  • Putting Them Under
  • Way of the Word-Wizards (Jomon-No-Jutsu)
  • Words as Weapons
  • The Art of Agreement
  • The Craft of Lying
  • The Power of Suggestion
  • Masterminds and Black Magicians
  • Crimes of the Mind
  • The Cult Craft
  • Watching Big Brother
  • Mind-Dancing
  • Guarding Your Mind Castle
  • Bypassing Defense Mechanisms
  • "Over the Wall!"
  • Maslow's Pyramid

Conclusion 171

Glossary 173

Sources and Suggested Reading 177

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Publication Data

‘’’The Black Science’’’, Dr. Haha Lung and Christopher B. Prowant, 2001, Paladin Press, ISBN 978-1581602623