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Terje Emberland with an anti-fascist pin

Terje Emberland (13 August 1956), born Terje Olerud, is a Norwegian religious historian and author. He is a senior researcher at The Center for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities.[1]

He is usually invited by the mainstream media as an "expert commentator" on topics such as the Holocaust or the history of National Socialism.


In 1974 he founded the organization Ateistene (The Atheists) together with Audun Eckhoff and Knut Ås.[2]

Emberland has written a number of articles and books on modern religiosity, the history of National Socialism and anti-Semitism and Norwegian occupation history, among others: Religion og rase, Nyhedenskap og nazisme i Norge 1933 - 1945, Det ariske idol: Forfatteren, eventyreren og nazisten Per Imerslund (with Bernt Rougthvedt), Himmlers Norge, Nordmenn i det storgermanske prosjekt (with Matthew Kott) and Da fascismen kom til Norge.

In 2006, he started as a senior researcher for The Center for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities.


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