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Soulcraft is a religious philosophy developed by mystic William Dudley Pelley. Pelley is perhaps best known as an American nationalist agitator and founder of the Silver Shirts, who was later convicted of sedition in the 1940s. Before politics, Pelley had an out-of-body experience in which he wrote about in an article titled "My Seven Minutes in Eternity." After prison he exclusively promoted the Soulcraft philosophy.

Fron one of his publications Pelley describes his teachings as a combination of religion and metaphysics:

Soulcraft is not interested either in challenging or combatting any creed or denomination in modern society. Primarily it is not a religion but a philosophy. It seeks to establish faith in God, Christ and Eternity through Psychical Research, Extra-sensory Perception, Sacred Manifestation and Clairaudient Communication, bringing back the original lost teachings of The Galilean in the light of today’s Science and Astronomy.[1]


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